Monday, September 24, 2012

Crochet on the Brain

Normally I'm all about the beadwork, but recently I picked up a crochet hook, and now I can't stop! I've been working on so many things!

crocheted lined green bag

First was a bag (I lined it myself! Thanks to futuregirl's tutorial) I've since added one strap, I still need to add the other, but I got too wrapped up in.....

coco the cat crochet amigurumi

...crocheting Coco the Cat! (the free pattern can be found here at the Crochet Today website- scroll down to find the pdf link) She's almost done, she just needs a tail- but before I got busy adding it I got distracted by...

thread crochet doily

...this thread crochet doily! The free pattern can be found here (it's the 'Aqua Doily'). Finally, something finished completely! After posting this on facebook (and then giving it to my beloved Grams), a friend asked me for some halloweeny spiderweb doilies, so I stitched up these....

thread crochet spiderweb doily

...and she loved them! The free pattern can be found here - it's a fun one, and it stitches up quickly.

After those, I was a little doily-ed out, so I switched to snowflakes- and have been gleefully stitching up some of Snowcatcher's lovely flakes- (they're being starched right now :P)

thread crochet snowflakes

My plan for the snowflakes is to make a couple for each of the families in my extended family. I don't plan on ever having children, so I want to make something that will be passed down through generations so that I'll be remembered by my family that way :) They'll be ornaments for christmas trees, and I've decided to hang them from ribbons with the year embroidered on them:

embroidered ribbon

I'm not sure if this is the right ribbon (it's very.. meshy). I also have some blue glitter I think I'll add to the snowflakes, mixed in with some white glue to make them stiff and durable. After that (because I'm still a beader at heart) I plan to hang some crystal beads from the bottom points of the snowflakes. :)

So, that's what I've been up to! (Also I've been crocheting a granny square afghan, but I haven't taken any photos of that yet).

I almost forgot- I've picked up Tunisian crochet, too! I'm making a scarf for a very good friend. (It's much longer than this now lol.)

tunisian crochet scarf

I'll leave you today with Neo snoozing with his little mouf open :3 'Til Next Time!

orange cat Neo