Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What Luck!

I was checking my email for a final time tonight, and I saw something from Cyndi at Beading-Arts.com; turns out, I won a giveaway being held there for a copy of Creative Beading Vol. 6! I'm so excited! It's so rare I win anything, I had to re-read the email a bunch of times, haha! Cyndi says she'll send it tomorrow- I can't wait to look inside!

That wasn't the only lucky thing today. I finally, after many, many tries over the past months, successfully made a peyote beaded bead! It's not particularly pretty, I just used beads I had on hand, and aside from a tiny bit of visible threads, I'd say it looks pretty damn good! It was exciting when I got to the end and saw that it really was going to come together.

In addition to that, I made one more ring inspired by this months Moodboard over at OTTBS. I'm kind of proud of this one- it's rather clever, I'd say! Go figure it's just a tiny bit too small for my fingers; now I can't wear it! Ah, well. It was fun thinking a bit unconventionally while I made it.

Overall, a pretty awesome day! I started working this evening on something I've never tried before: structural right angle weave. I'm going with a concept that's been done before, so it's not necessarily that creative an idea, but I'm just testing my ability for now. I'll post the results tomorrow when I've finished!

For now, here's Neo and Trinity holding hands (paws?)

'Til Next Time!


  1. Congrats! I have vols 1-5 and 6 is on my wish list! I rarely manage to get a copy of Bead&Button so these volumes are fab.
    Love your bead too and your ickle ring.

  2. same here; i love beading magazines but can't afford them right now, so i'm super excited :D