Monday, November 23, 2015

A New Studio Just for Me!

Hello everyone!

For a long while now, I've been suffering from the dreaded "artist's block". I couldn't even get up the motivation to pick up my pliers- hell, I couldn't even manage to put pencil to paper to doodle some designs!

But, I'm grateful that that seems to have passed. It was a matter of sheer will - you WILL create something today, Jet!

But it's true what they say about being kind to yourself- when I find myself feeling like my work is pointless or bad quality, I ask myself: 'If someone else said that stuff to you, wouldn't you be furious?' In other words, be kindest to yourself.

If it's a motivation problem, or a huge task to handle, I just break it up into small tasks and ignore the big picture. As my mom and Grams are fond of saying: "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time". :3 I'm so grateful for having these two ladies and their wealth of wisdom.

So, I desperately wanted to create. I decided to ease into it, with a very simple necklace.

I've had these little metal black bow charms for god knows how long. I have them in silvertone too, but I feel like it gave me enough experience to get back into the swing of creative. I'll list it in the shop soon

These were my next attempt at getting back to my tools and pliers. I wanted to do a simple but elegant shape, with just a little wire wrapping. I could'nt resist putting them on those chains - these earrings will likely not ever stay still, which I think is the fun part.

And of course I went with green and bronze. Bronze wire is my favorite, and I just love the way it looks with greens and purples. These will go up into the shop very soon, too.

Tonight I'll leave you with Trinity, who has been trying for ages to get up to the top shelf of my shelves and finally succeeded (and of course she's sitting on my sewing box :P)

'Til Next Time!

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