Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January Moodboard Piece (and a bitch session)

Well, here it is- my piece for the January Moodboard at OTTBS.

LET ME TELL YOU- this thing frustrated me at every turn! Argh!

The strap is made with Gwen Fisher's Super RAW in Miyuki cubes and Czech 11/0s in white, embellished with silver Tohos in 8/0. The focal and the open half of the toggle are both the same, with a black glass pillow bead in the middle of the focal.
My first complaint- the cubes are a little irregular- enough to make this piece look wonky and wobbly. Second complaint- you can still see the threads holding the open square beads in place DESPITE me taking a Sharpie to them multiple times. Third complaint- the silver 8/0s aren't enough to fill the holes between the cubes, but four 11/0s were too much! So there's thread showing there, and augh I hate thread showing. HATE IT.
I guess the one good thing about this is that, despite all the frustrations, I plugged away and finished it. I really try to come up with something for every Moodboard, and although I'm not entirely pleased with this piece (understatement), at least I stuck with it and finished it. I suppose that counts for something!

I'll leave you today with Trinity and her pretty green eyes.

'Til Next Time!


  1. Oh I hate when that happens. Maybe you can try 6/0 to fill the holes? Although I am pretty sure you won't be trying this again. I did have a similar issue with some of the tila's but over all I that was only with a few of them. The bracelet is very elegant looking.

    1. :3 thank you. you're right, I got rid of it before i had a chance to go back to it and alter it. i was just so sick of it being in my hand, i was so angry when i saw and recognized the pattern. this thing just pissed me off, lol. but just before this weekend, a friend of mine saw it, and fell in love with it- so i just gave it away. i was happy to never see it again, and she was happy to have something handmade that she really loved :)

      i learned a lot from this one, though. i may hate the results, but i don't regret the experience :)

  2. For whatever it's worth, this looks amazing in the picture. The thread isn't noticeable. But I can totally understand your frustration - I'm a perfectionist too (with a big splash of OCD added in!).