Saturday, January 21, 2012

Where have I been?

Oi- apologies for the long pause in posts there! I can't say there's a specific reason for it- but I HAVE been beading- a lot!

It's a bit overdue, but I thought I'd post some completed OTTBS Moodboard pieces. First, from the October Moodboard (click to see my entry and everyone else's lovely pieces). I created two, but the main one is my "Biscuit Bracelet" (you can see the pieces of the bracelet in this post).

I finally decided to stitch them together with some teal foiled glass coin beads I had. In the true spirit of OTTBS, I dug these out from my stash- I had six, so I used up all but one in this piece. This is also my first peyote toggle clasp. Hooray!

 Next is a pendant in Gwen Fisher's "Super RAW" (click for her free video tutorial of the technique). Super Raw is very fun! It seemed complicated to me at first, but it's actually very intuitive and satisfying. AND I 'tackled my stash' beautifully with this one. The red ball chain and the big blue 6/0's have been sitting in boxes for aaaages. Very satisfying to use them up!

Next is my entry for the November Moodboard (click to see all the other people's lovely entries). This was a challenge at first- the moodboard colors were red and green- christmas colors- YUCK. So, I was determined to make something in red and green that doesn't make one think of christmas at all. (And again, I tackled a good bit of stash here!). It's a twisted herringbone rope using 15/0 green seeds and 11/0 red seeds. The difference in sizes gives this a lovely spirally rope that feels very nice between your fingers. I added a simple round peyote ring at one end, and for the other half of the clasp, two beaded bead 'cherries' and a lucite leaf. You put the berries through the ring to close the clasp. The cherries, paired with the rope that reminded me of a caterpillar, led me to name this one "Cherry Caterpillar". Not christmassy at all! In fact, it reminds me of springtime :)

I have some other pieces I've been working on- I'll post them next. One includes a bracelet using Preciosa's new Twin Beads.

For now though, I leave you with Neo sniffing my bacon-flavored lollipop. (Sounds gross, but it was quite tasty!)

'Til Next Time!

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  1. Ah! I loved both of those 'Red, White & Blue' pieces for the OTTBS Challenge - the biscuit bracelet was my overall favourite too!! :)