Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Honeysweet Set

Hello everyone!

For the longest time, I've wanted a honeybee themed necklace. I finally found the money and materials to make one, and earrings, too!

honeysweet set

I'm not sure what's so attractive about hexagons, but it's one of my favorite shapes. I got these from Precious Adornments on Etsy.

honeysweet necklace

I searched high and low for the perfect bee charm, and found one that I just love. It's tiny and dainty and fits perfectly in the brass hexagon. The bee is brass too but shines like gold.

honeysweet earrings

I bought enough bees and hexagons to make a set just for me, but soon found I only had three honey colored glass drops! These I've put up in my shop, available here and here. Stay tuned; soon I will be posting some cute flower rings to go with the bee theme :)

Til Next time!

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