Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mini Fleur Rings

Hello everyone!

Today I have for you not necessarily a tutorial but more of a how-to. I am still recovering from some intolerable side effects but they are abating, and I'm getting back into the swing of creating. I told myself to just come up with a quick and easy design. These cute little adjustable flower rings worked perfectly!

Here's how I go about making them:

I took a longish piece of 20 gauge wire and made a tiny loop in one end.

Then I wrapped the wire at the size 7 point of my ring mandrel, and made a loop in that end too.

I put the ring form aside and cut a long piece of 26g wire (probably around 30 inches long). I strung on one teeeeeny tiny silver bead and folded the wire in half at the bead.

I picked up a flower bead and strung it onto both ends of the 26g wire, and pulled to snug up the bead against the flower.

Then I bent the two halves of the 26g wire out to either side and set the flower in the middle of the ring form. I usually wrap one half a couple times on one side, then wrap all down half of the shank before I wrap down the opposite side, it just gives it more stability.

And that's it! A cute little adjustable ring. I made a bunch more...

And they make great stacking rings!

I haven't decided yet how I will list these; either individually or as a set.  But they'll be up in my shop soon enough! A fun little project that takes less than an hour to make. Hope you enjoy it and if you make one of your own, please tell me so I can feature it on my blog! :)

Til Next Time~

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