Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hyperfocus! - Seaside Sparklies

Hello everyone! It's the weekend again and that means it's time for another Hyperfocus!

Winter is decidedly over, and as spring moves in, I'm thinking of a nice seaside retreat. I know most save beach trips for the summer, but summertime for me means long, hot, sweaty, miserable days spent holed up inside, basking not in the sunshine but in the icy air blasting from the A/C vents. Summer and I are not good friends.

Since I don't have any real plans to head to the ocean soon, I've been browsing sea-inspired jewelry and letting it spark fantasies of salty breezes and sandy toes. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite treasures out of all the oceanic lovelies I've found.

Nautical Octopus Necklace by weareowls

This necklace has an awesome vintage-inspired octopus illustration on a background of dictionary text. It comes in bronze or silver finish. Like the theme but the octopus isn't quite your style? Check the rest of this seller's wares - there's another octopus necklace in the shop done in a different illustrative style.

Mixed Metal Ombré Teal Earrings by OstaraMoonJewelry

These lovely earrings consist of three different colors of Swarovski rivoli crystals arranged in a cascading gradient that just screams 'seaside'! I see water, horizon, and sky in these lovely dangles. The different colored metal used in the finding for the darkest blue crystals is a nice touch. If you like this look, check out the rest of this shop; there are more earrings in this style in different colors available.

This stunning ring is made-to-order of sterling silver with a rose-cut sky blue topaz and features a detailed little starfish next to the exquisitely bezeled stone. Do not miss the rest of the fabulous treasures in this shop! I wish I could buy all of them!

These charming studs are handmade using high quality prints and glass dome cabochons. They are available in silver and bronze finish (I prefer the bronze). The glass domes give them such depth!

Oh man. Out of all my favorites, this is my favorite favorite. This stunning cuff is made of aluminum and the incredible, intricate designs in the lovely teal green waves are all entirely hand drawn. Such talent! Be sure to check out the rest of this shop - there's more of this kind of awesomeness to be found!

This delicate-looking gold tone shell opens to reveal spaces to hold tiny photos or other treasures. It hangs from a simple chain studded with six champagne colored pearls. Lovely and very elegant.

This aqua blue colored limpet shell features a single white glass pearl in its center. So lovely and delicate! I love how it carries an oceanic theme but could be worn in casual or formal situations. Just simply pretty.

These nautilus-inspired earrings demand attention! As well they should- they certainly deserve it! I am smitten with their bold organic form. If this style has a hold on you as it does me, don't miss the rest of this shop - there's tons more to drool over. Just incredible stuff!

These little sterling silver crabs aren't just charming- believe it or not, they're made from castings made from real tiny crabs! The artist made them using actual crabs found on a trip to the beach. This artist makes castings of all sorts of neat things - don't miss the earrings made from castings of romanesco broccoli that demonstrate the Fibonacci spiral! (I want those SO bad!)

This charming necklace comes in silver and gold. I can't resist those chain tentacles; such a clever idea!

And with that, we come to the end of this week's Hyperfocus! To see more of my favorites of this theme, check out my list of Seaside Sparklies on Etsy.

'Til Next Time!

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  1. Thanks for featuring my silver crab earrings! I love all things inspired by the ocean too. I will now explore your blog further.
    Irene Blueth, SilverCedarJewelry