Sunday, April 12, 2015

New Weekly Feature - Hyperfocus!

Hello everyone!

It's probably no surprise that I spend a lot of time online just finding and drooling over whatever unusual and beautiful jewelry I can find. Pinterest is a true enabler! I love curating my little collections (some of which are decidedly not little). Also, although my own store is not located there, Etsy, with its option to create lists to sort your favorite items and its simple integration with Pinterest means I can maintain even more collections than I probably should.

Although I do often go back through my lists and boards to marvel at the little treasures I've found and pinned, sometimes I think I could do more than just add to these collections of mine. Since I often get stuck on one theme and then go nuts pinning and favoriting items that I find and fall in love with according to that theme for a few hours (or days), I've decided to start a weekly themed feature, dubbed Hyperfocus (because that's exactly what I end up doing). I'll go through my beloved collections and post a selection of some of my favorite favorites according to the week's theme with links to where they can be found.

To kick it all off, here's this week's Hyperfocus.. Fruit!

I'm in love with the sweet gingham print paired with those oranges- playful, a little vintage, and makes me want a tall glass of OJ!

Three playful wooden strawberries on a chain. The strawberries are hand-painted and I just love how you can still see some of the wood grain showing through.

Something a little different - these adorable polymer clay orange banana tarts are for those with stretched ear piercings. Just charming!

Real Kiwi Pendant by RealFruitJewelry

A slice of actual kiwifruit preserved and set in resin. It looks good enough to eat! Don't miss the rest of the delicious looking fruit jewelry in this shop.

Miniature Oranges and Lemons Ring by artyResin

This bold resin ring has an irresistible sphere packed with citrus set upon a filigree ring band. A delicious statement piece!

Strawberry Botanical Earrings by Agnera

These sweet, delicate resin earrings have tiny, real strawberries suspended inside. They're so graceful and elegant! Be sure not to miss the other lovely botanical jewelry in this shop.

Clementine Ring by MiniatureMarketplace

This playful ring features a little half-peeled clementine- it looks ready to eat!

Red Tomato Necklace by EvelynMaeCreations

Technically a fruit! I love the vibrant red enamel on this tomato- and I love the playful notion of wearing a tiny tomato around your neck :)

This tiny glass jug of lemonade looks so refreshing. The little lemon slice on the rim of the pitcher is the perfect touch.

And that brings us to the end of this week's Hyperfocus on Fruit! I'll aim to focus on a new theme and have it posted by the end of each weekend :) Hope you enjoyed this selection and maybe found something new to treat yourself with! :)

'Til next time!

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