Thursday, April 9, 2015

Making of Ruthie's Anklet

Hello everyone!

Recently I was commissioned by my dear friend Ruthie to create something unusual - an anklet/toe ring combination- sort of like a barefoot sandal. This post continues from where I left off here.

After looking at this for awhile, I decided that rivoli setting just wasn't right. I took it apart and played a bit with it and some bronze beads.

I liked the look a lot! First though I needed to find a practical and secure way to execute the design. I decided on rings of wire on the front and back.

It was fiddly but with temporary binding wires it wasn't too bad. It came out well!

I wrote a free tutorial for a modified version of this focal, if you're interested in making your own.

Put together with the focal, it looked pretty good! There was one problem, though- when I met up with Ruthie in person, I measured her ankle and found I had made the anklet way too short! I only had a limited number of beads so I couldn't just make more links. The solution came from the same bronze beads surrounding the rivoli.

Adding little links with bronze beads between the larger beaded links worked perfectly! It measured exactly right and I ended up with two extra beaded links that I could use on the chain that runs from ankle to toe! Also, afterwards, I added an adjustable chain clasp. I wrote up a free tutorial for the hook for the clasp if anyone is interested :3

I used one bead at the end of the clasp chain- I love when clasps are decorative!

I added the anklet-to-ring chain using bronze rolo chain and fire opal links and bronze bead links.

The last step was the toe ring. I had measured Ruthie's toe and it turned out to be a 5 1/2 according to my ring mandrel. I'm not sure how, but I knew exactly the ring I wanted to make and knew exactly how I was going to make it, even though I've never made a ring like this one before.

First I wrapped 20 gauge wire around the mandrel a bunch of times.

Then, I started a simple weave.

I continued the weave all the way around the band. The weave was making this little ring very sturdy!

I added two loops with the ends of the wire; one for the chain, and one for decorative dangles.

Then it was time to attach the ring, and the anklet was complete! I tried it on just to see...

I'm very happy with it! I learned a lot making this. It was a great, fun project and challenge.

Today I'll leave you with my mom's kitty Vinnie, who cannot resist when I have my wire out and I'm working on something :D

'Til next time!

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