Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hyperfocus! - Tiny Treasures

Hello everyone!

It's the weekend and that means it's time for another Hyperfocus!

One thing wirework, beadwork, and crochet has taught me about myself is that I love tiny, intricate work. I've made some large creative pieces before, painted some large paintings, crocheted a blanket, but what I really love is working on small pieces that require very small detail.

I also very much enjoy minimalist design (even though that is rarely reflected in my own work). So, for this week's Hyperfocus!, the theme is... Tiny Treasures!

I love these tiny, almost utilitarian-looking little pendants. They could carry so many personal meanings- imagine a sports team wearing their numbers or perhaps siblings wearing their number with regards to birth order... or you could just wear your own lucky number or numbers (mine are 0 and 9).

These tiny little dangles sport an attractive nautilus spiral design. I love the tiny detail packed into their small size. I bet they have great movement!

Such a charming little bracelet! I'm not usually one for gold, but I love it in this delicate little piece. The geometric triangle charm is the perfect little detail.

How can you not love this? A dainty little acorn hanging from your neck - irresistible! Don't miss the rest of this shop for more tiny designs.

The name of this sweet, playful necklace in the shop says "Maybe if I take an umbrella it won't rain". Take this little umbrella charm with you everywhere to ensure nothing but sunny days!

A sweet little rose gold leaf. I love how it looks on the silver chain, very nice contrast. So dainty and pretty!

Too cute! It doesn't get much tinier than this! If dimes aren't your thing, a nickel necklace is also available in this shop.

These are my favorites this week :) I love rose gold, I love geometric design, and I love tiny; and these earrings have all three of those things in spades! There's more where this came from in this excellent shop, don't miss it!

These are the perfect everyday earring. They'd go with anything, you could dress them up or down, and I just bet that they have great movement and just the perfect amount of glint and gleam. Don't miss the rest of this shop for more perfect everyday, versatile jewelry.

Tiny but a little bit edgy, I love these little studs! The matte gold is a nice touch. There's lots more tiny, stylish jewelry to be found in this shop, don't miss it!

Hope you enjoyed this week's selection! I've got a pair of earrings in the works that I hope to have some progress photos of up soon, so check back soon! 'Til Next Time!

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